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Very few signs of aging arrive on time. Every day, every place, every second skin is under attack by free radicals. This oxidative stress dramatically and prematurely ages skin - but it doesn't have to. Introducing the next brighter younger approach in the fight against aging:

What is it?
A super antioxidant, skin smoother and brightener in one. Idebenone works like the super antioxidant Co-Enzyme Q10 and the potent depigmenting agent hydroquinone. Yet it's more effective than either.

What does it do?
When skin is shielded from constant attack, it gets out of reactive mode, so skin can become its best. Returning its own abilities to protect and restore itself, acting more like its younger, better self. As skin is allowed to regenerate itself, younger-looking skin results. Lines and other signs of aging disappear. Uneven pigment vanishes for an even, ideal look. Skin inflammation is dramatically reduced and with that visible aging and damage too. For better skin from the day forward and this day backward.

What are the side effects?
Typically none - besides smoother, more even skin. Idebenone is able to impact skin without the sensitizing, irritating action common to hydroxy acids, retinoids and other active ingredients.

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