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TRUE Protective Mineral Foundation

TRUE Foundation Match List

  • As a rule
    • # 1- Dark yellow
    • # 2- Yellow
    • # 3- Yellow/pink or neutral
    • # 4- Pink or peach
    • # 5- Dark pink or rose

If you have a yellow undertone you match with a yellow tone.  If you have a pink undertone you match with a pink tone.

  • Fair Foundation
    • Fair #1 – Light skin tone with yellow undertones
    • Fair #2 – Lightest Shade for the fairest of skin
    • Fair #3 – Neutral
    • Fair #4 – Light skin tone with pink or peach undertones
  • Medium Foundation
    • Medium #1 – Olive skin tone with yellow undertones
    • Medium #2 – Light yellow undertones
    • Medium #3 – Yellow and pink undertones (neutral)
    • Medium #4 – Pink Undertones
    • Medium #5 – Really pink
  • Tan Foundation - Used for darker toned skin
    • Tan #1 – Yellow undertones
    • Tan #2 – Neutral
    • Tan #3 – Pink undertones
    • Tan #4 – Pink/rose undertones
  • Deep Foundation - Used for dark skin, but mainly as a bronzer
    • Deep #1 – Yellow
    • Deep #2 – Neutral
    • Deep #3 – Pink/rose

Most popular colors are :

  • Fair #1, #4
  • Medium #1, #2, #3

Misc. Information:

  • All foundations have Idebenone in them
  • Pressed or compact powder is for a matte finish. Use mineral foundation brush for pressed/ compact powder.
  • Loose powder is for a shimmer or slight glow finish. Use true brush for loose powder.

    Mineral makeup is based on two primary ingredients, Titanium Dioxide and Zinc Oxide. These two ingredients are derived naturally from minerals; together they offer a physical protection from UVA and UVB rays.  

    TRUE Protective Mineral Foundations take mineral makeup to a new level with breakthrough technology and a modern approach.

    Protective Mineral Foundation offers the following benefits:

    • SPF 17 – Titanium Dioxide and Zinc Oxide offer broad spectrum UVA and UVB protection
    • EPF 95 - Breakthrough Super antioxidant- Idebenone offers an Environmental Protection Factor (EPF) of 95 
    • Supporting antioxidants - Green Tea helps reduce inflammation and Vitamin E conditions the skin
    • Non-Comedogenic
    • Fragrance Free

    Use the following steps in choosing the perfect foundation:

    1)  Choose Formula:
    Ask: Do you prefer a natural radiance or a natural matte finish for your skin?          
    Natural Radiance Finish – choose Powder Formula
    Natural Matte Finish – choose Compact Formula

    2)  Choose Coverage / Tool:
    Ask: Do you want a sheer to medium coverage or a medium to full coverage? 
    Sheer to Medium coverage – use TRUE Powder Brush
    Medium to Full coverage – use Mineral Foundation Bush
    3)  Choose Shade:
    Step One - choose level of skin tone –Fair, Medium, Tan, or Deep
    Step Two - pick shade 1-5            

    Shade 1s – (yellow / golden brown)
    Shade 2s – (soft yellow) 
    Shade 3s – neutral (pink and yellow)
    Shade 4s – (soft pink) 
    Shade 5s – (pink / rose tone)

    4)  Apply:
    Dip chosen brush into mineral foundation formula. Tap off excess. Smooth onto skin beginning in the center of the face and blend outward in a circular motion. Reapply until desired coverage is reached. Spray Transforming Mineral Mist generously to set. Immediately press and roll the Finishing Sponge over the contours of the face to make foundation become one with the skin. 


    • Use Tan or Deep shades as bronzers. Dust around the frame of the face to enhance dimension – cheeks, temples, nose, and chin
    • Most popular colors are :
        • Fair #1, #4
        • Medium #1, #2, #3