Protect with the most elegant texture and true-skin naked-feeling finish of any mineral foundation. Zinc Oxide and Titanium gives a natural – chemical free – SPF 17. In addition, the exclusive benefits of the super antioxidant idebenone offers an EPF 95. Each shade delivers a flexible sheer to full coverage along with the convenience of coordinating shades from powder to compact formulas. Offers a natural radiant finish.size: 0.38 oz/11g

Choosing Your Color:
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Available in shades:
Below are the color shades available for this product.

for golden / brown complexions fair1 tan1 deep1
for olive complexions fair2 medium2 deep2
for pink and gold complexions fair3 tan3 deep3
for peach complexions fair4 medium4 tan4 deep4

how to apply mineral foundation: Once you have chosen your formula and shade, decide on your coverage. Sheer to medium? Medium to full? For a sheer to medium coverage use the TRUE Powder brush. For a medium to full coverage, use the Mineral Foundation Brush. Each brush is designed and hair chosen to compliment and deliver the ideal use: Dip chosen brush into mineral foundation, tap off excess. Smooth onto skin beginning in the center of the face and blend outward in a circular motion. Reapply for desired coverage. Finish with a burst of TRUE Transforming Mineral Mist to make foundation instantly one with skin. Press and roll finishing sponge over the contours of the face for a seamless finish.

tip: use Protective Mineral Foundation – SPF 17 Compact formula for a natural matte finish. use Protective Mineral Foundation – SPF 17 Powder formula for a natural radiant finish.

  • Choosing the Perfect Foundation
  • TRUE Foundation Match List
features: benefit:
fitanium dioxide natural sun protectant, anti-inflammatory
zinc oxide anti-microbial, anti-inflammatory
idebenone a super anti-oxidant that reduces inflammation and protects with an environmental protection factor (EPF) of 95
vitamin E moisturizing, anti-oxidant and skin protectant
green tea anti-oxidant, anti-inflammatory and antibacterial
boron mitride imparts a silky oil-absorbing texture